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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Skipper's day out

In The Guardian, Mike Averis weighs in on Saurav Ganguly's first day in office. And Lawrence Booth, in the same paper, weighs in with nuggets on Harbhajan Singh, who like Saurav had his first outing of the English county season today. There's a post, elsewhere on today's blog, on how these two, and Dinesh Mongia, fared today.
And elsewhere, a piece, for your reading pleasure, on two new Australian batsmen -- whose deeds have earned them bat sponsorships, no less -- who are set to make waves during the Ashes campaign.
What is really interesting is the tangential insight into how McGrath and Gillespie work in tandem -- apparently, McGrath lines them up, his partner shoots them down.


  • Prem,

    You havent talked about Ganguly's captaincy and how do you see his role in the future. Should we go for a new young captain.


    By Blogger Ananth, at 00:45  

  • Hey Prem,

    Why should our Indian players go all the way to England to play county cricket? Cricket is no more a national game for the English. What makes the county cricket so special except for the pitch?

    Why can't we think about something similar to county cricket in India? I remember sometime back BCCI was planning to bring in some international players and make them play in India. What happened ?Was it dumped ?

    I really do believe even our domestic cricketers are equally good or even better than County cricketers. Only thing that's lacking in our domestic cricket is professionalism, some backing from BCCI, sponsorship and media coverage. The end result, we hardly watch domestic games in India and our young and talented cricketers sit on the bench expecting to be called to represent India.

    We have more than a million people in India who want to play cricket at the highest level (I was one of them). If we had a system which encouraged at all levels (School & college) like they do here in USA for basketball, American footbal, and Baseball, I am sure we would have atleast 50 Tendulkars, Kumbles, Gangulys and Dravids.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    An ardent cricket fan.

    Shekhar Gujjar
    Richmond, USA

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:27  

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