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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sunny on Solkar

Sunny Gavaskar, speaking from the depths of memory, on his departed buddy Eknath Solkar (see earlier post)-- the man, and the cricketer. Of the cited anecdotes, this one caught my eye:
It was during that big partnership between these two that the famous incident with Gary Sobers happened where again Ekki’s confidence took the centrestage. The ball had gone out of shape and as the umpires were changing it, Sardesai, who had been batting brilliantly, sat down for a breather and asked Eknath to ensure that a ball of similar wear and tear was replaced with and not a hard one.
So Eknath asked to see the replaced ball, to which the great West Indian said “what do you want to see the ball for? You are going to play and miss anyway”. Eknath stood up to his full height and responded: “You play your game, I will play mine.”


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