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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Michael Atherton, in the Telegraph, weighs in with a good piece on Shane Warne, player and human being.
Simon Barnes, in The Times, sums up David Shepherd -- who still, if I remember right, has about four ODI internationals to stand in before he finally hangs up his floppy hat, and gets to stand on both legs.
And Derek Pringle occasions some amusement when he suggests that the new Aussie nice-guy act could give England a chance to turn the tables. Pringle's premise has been based on a statement by Ponting that the Aussies might tone down their chatter -- thing though is, Ponting has made noises earlier, as has Steve Waugh in his time, about keeping things done, not allowing chatter to get out of bounds, and so on. Let battle commence, though, and those pious resolutions fly out the window. Surely there is more than a touch of naivete in Pringle expecting the Aussies, this time, to come out onto the field like a bunch of choir-boys?


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