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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Testing times

Asim Butt, a Scottish seamer, has reportedly tested positive for Ecstasy, and been banned for a year. In unrelated news, Diego Maradona -- the man who made recreational drugs and sport almost synonymous -- was mobbed by adoring fans in Naples, a city he has not set foot in for like 10 years.
More to the point, Shabbir Ahmed the Pakistan opening bowler will be next up on the testing block after his action was reported (for the third time in a career spanning just nine Tests) at the end of the first Test of the ongoing Pak-Windies series; this, shortly after Bajji just came through his own test with a no-problem, can-bowl report.
Maybe it's time for all these guys -- Shabbir, Bajji, Shoaib, Brett Lee, Rajesh Chauhan, Muthaiah Muralitharan... -- to form a 'usual suspects' club? They could pass on to one another tips and tricks to come through the tests; what questions will be asked, where the electrodes will be placed, how to make sure everything is kosher -- sort of like the cheat notes that helped me get through school?


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