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Friday, June 10, 2005

Thumbs up for Twenty20

Been keeping an eye on the for-and-against column on the subject of the short-short game. Spotted an entry in the 'for' column just now: Mathew Hayden weighs in.
Hayden had time afterwards to add his personal thumbs-up for the shortest form of the professional game.
"I would like to be part of Twenty20. All shorter forms of the game do place a great emphasis on the quality of athleticism in cricketers, and that works in the favour of the spectators," he said.
"The ultimate judge will be that people will turn up to pay and watch - and you only have to look around here to see that is happening."


  • Prem

    btw, what is your opinion on Twenty20?

    By Blogger Ananth, at 07:23  

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