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Monday, June 13, 2005

The Tiger and the Buck

I know this was the subject of an earlier post, but still merits an update: Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi has sought anticipatory bail in the black-buck case. A couple of NGOs are seeking to block it.
I am no fan of the tendency on the part of NGOs tend to climb onto any promising bandwagon, but I must confess on this, I am with them.
It’s a simple issue, really – if you break a law, you are arrested; you have, when produced in court, the right to seek bail.
That is how it works for all of us – except if you are a celebrity in which case (1) you try to seek anticipatory bail (Why? Committing a crime is okay, doesn’t impact on your social standing, but being arrested does?) or (2) you suddenly develop an illness that requires immediate hospitalization.
It is not as if Pataudi did not know it was illegal to gun down the chinkara; his own son was embroiled in police proceedings for just that. So if he did it knowing it was an offense, he to my mind loses any claim on public sympathy.
What the hell, you want time, you want anticipatory bail, you want to be above the laws of the land -- how much time did you give the black buck, though?


  • People like Patuadi are losers. These guys want to shoot a defenseless animal and think that they are having fun. I am not sure why Patuadi wants to do this at this age. Let him go to jail, who cares.

    By Anonymous X, at 13:20  

  • Aman, Prem.. the celebrities think that they can get away with anything.. especially these ex-Maharajahs.. If he too gets away from this one, then no one would be afraid of going against law.

    By Anonymous GP, at 13:24  

  • They will do nothing against him.Just like Salman Khan he will be roaming peacefully in broad daylight in front of our eyes.All we can do is keep shouting but these celebrities know the way out of the clutches of the LAW

    By Blogger Badri, at 13:30  

  • Prem - Any clues about the case against Salman Khan - the drink and drive murder he commited some time ago? Why has the media forgotten all about it?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14:13  

  • I agree with all of you. No one should be above the law. Maharajah or not. I read an article about the hunting lodge owned by the Pataudi's, and it describe how the stair case bannister was made out of the horns of a 100 deer (or was it 1000). That is barbaric! Our tiger population is dwindling, and we are at the highest risk of loosing other endangered species. I hope he serves as an example, so that other celebrities will respect the law.

    By Blogger AM, at 15:38  

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