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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tiger hunt

First, it was Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan, now it is Tiger Pataudi, Saif's father. The victim is the same -- the black buck, the gentlest creatures imaginable (while covering elections in Rajasthan, I once had an opportunity to meet these creatures vis a vis).
Latest reports indicate that Pataudi and others seek to circumvent prosecution -- or at least, questioning -- by the simple expedient of not showing up.
Not that they need to worry, not really -- judging by precedent, the police will initially milk the incident for all the publicity it's worth (promotion pukki, boss), and then the matter will land up in the courts, and there it will die a natural death.
I mean, the incident involving Salman and others happened way back in 1998 -- it is now 7 years down the line, and per this log on Salman's own site, the last time the matter was in court was in June of 2004, when they were still arguing about the granting of bail.


  • Hey Prem.. the previous background was good.. this one thgh popular is a sore for eyesight.. :))

    By Blogger Vivhyd, at 15:47  

  • Shame on Pataudi - hope he gets locked up if he is indeed guilty.

    By Anonymous chatura, at 22:30  

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