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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tremors of apprehension

Good afternoon all -- just got in after the Nasdaq do (of which more anon, even though it is not in any way connected with cricket) to find that tremors rocked Bombay (I know, I know, Mumbai, but heck, it's always been Bombay for me); mercifully, no loss of life reported in what is my adopted home-town; just checked with Rediff staffers still in office and barring an initial sense of panic, all is well, they say.
Notice all is well on here, too -- actually, this is fun, instead of taking trouble digging up links and keying in comments, I think I'll every once in a while come in here, put up an 'Open Forum' type head, and let you guys do all the hard work, what say? :-)
So the Tsunami match was just a slap-and-tickle affair, with the only point of note being the six wickets to the Indian spin twins and, as someone pointed out on here, Laxman being Laxman against the spinners, particularly Warne? Cool -- in any case, no one goes to a benefit match for the quality of the cricket.
Seems a bit of a pity that some dork pulled a hoax that cancelled part of the proceedings, and caused a certain amount of loss.
Right, back in office, and regular updates will happen, in between spells of work.


  • Good to now Mumbai was not affected by the earthquake.
    Dorks are always there at every level I suppose, who knows there might be some dorks among us bloggers too:) But i felt that it was in a bad taste to have played that on a charity cause.

    I thought VVS played well atleast at a brisk pace against the seamers.

    By Anonymous Sri, at 14:02  

  • Thank You for referring to the city as Bombay. I dont know why but some people get a little upset if you dont call it Mumbai. Lets all be clear here. The name Mumbai is largely used by Maharashtrians and Gujaratis and not other indians particularly if they are speaking in English.

    By Anonymous rishi gajria, at 02:00  

  • the dorks made someone lose out on the opportunity of a lifetime.
    Imagine... Sachin COACHING you for 15 mins.
    Then Warny bowling an over to you.

    That's a real dream

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 02:10  

  • well , what was Sachin going to coach in 15 minutes ? Maybe he should just take over as India's coach :-).
    BTW, no flames but , did anyone notice that the "dorks" who were budding on eBay ( upto 50000 pounds) were all from India. How come MCC did not anticipate that somebody would do this. Come on, lets say this softly, is the MCC as big a "dork" as the "bidders" ? :-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:46  

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