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Monday, June 06, 2005

Two to tango

Isn't it unfortunate -- in an amusing sort of way -- that each time Bangladesh suffers a ritual thrashing, columnists question its presence in the Test ranks and invariably bring Jaggu Dalmiya's name into it?
In a piece that attempts to bring some perspective to the Bangladesh-bashing, David Hopps inter alia says

England's real target is not Bangladesh's poor put-upon cricketers but the machinations that brought them Test status five years ago. Their elevation to Test status strengthened India's power base in the ICC and is viewed as a machiavellian plot because Jagmohan Dalmiya, the Indian president who brokered the deal, is a machiavellian kind of guy.
To give Bangladesh Test status before a proper infrastructure was in place, and before they had undergone enough developmental tours, was clearly a mistake driven by political ambition. But those mistakes are being remedied and the enthusiasm within Bangladesh for cricket is undeniable.

Makes me wonder -- you suppose there will ever be a formal inquiry into how Bangladesh got
Test status? You suppose the ICC will ever publish minutes of the meeting where the decision was taken, so the rest of us will know what sort of arguments were put forward, pro and con?
When players make mistakes, we pillory them. When administrators err, we say, ah, what can we expect from such people, we shrug, we move on.
Fact, though, is that the mistakes administrators make hurt the game far more than those of the players. And the corollary is, said administrators never ever have to pay for it.


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