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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Walking wounded

Yousuf Youhana had to skip the Windies tour because of his ailing father; but apparently he has now discovered he needs shoulder surgery.
I wonder if we are seeing the fallout of the almost continuous cricket most international sides play these days? You have an injury, you are less than 100 per cent, but you play on regardless -- at least in part because you don't have enough downtime to go visiting specialists to check whether that little niggle is just that, a niggle, or the symptom of something more serious?
Sachin Tendulkar recently was in that position -- an elbow injury he was playing around, and when he got some downtime and visited a specialist, he was told operate, or else. Now Youhana. Makes you wonder how many other cricketers there are out there, carrying similar injuries -- and whether it is not time for the ICC to seriously rethink the international calendar?


  • injuries are part and parcel of professional sports. particularly with contact sports (soccer, basketball, etc).. most of the soccer or basketball players continue playing with niggling injuries.. its like a necessary evil all players have to live with. any tinkering with the sports calender will alleviate the problem slightly

    By Blogger sachin, at 15:16  

  • while I agree that injuries are part of a sport, putting the right operating infrastructure in place to minimize the risk of player's injury by planning the schedule properly, by having contracts in place so that they are not worried about sitting out or taking a break and having a purposeful rotation policy is the responsibility of a well-run governing body. However the ICC and the Boards are in cahoots to milk the proverbial "cash-cow" and have not focused on building an enduring model for the sport to thrive. The way players are managed is one of the indicators of this malaise that faces the sport right now....

    By Anonymous Rajan Nair, at 16:44  

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