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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wednesday's News, in Briefs

1. The BCCI plans to conduct a camp for fast bowlers that will focus solely on fitness. (Hmmm... I wonder. Chappell's first act on getting the job was to ask the BCCI for the confidential reports on each player's fitness level).
One good thing is, the BCCI seems, for now, to be willing to bend over backwards to do what Chappell wants.
Dasgupta also disclosed that the five national selectors, headed by chairman Kiran More, will have an intensive meeting with Chappell on June 21. “That will be the first time the selectors will get to sit with the new coach,” Dasgupta said.

He might have added that this is the first time the national selectors will convene for the sole purpose of meeting the coach.
2. Another bookie has been arrested in Ahmedabad. He was, we are told, 'allegedly involved in betting'. Errr... who isn't 'involved in betting', anyways? It's like the time the BCCI looked around for someone to chair the inquiry into betting and match-fixing -- and picked retired Chief Justice Y V Chandrachud, whose fondness for a flutter on just about anything (What are the odds the next car to cross that post will have an even-numbered license plate?) was legendary.
3. Clive Lloyd has thrown his hat into the ring, for presidency of the WI cricket board.
4. A master's tournament will be held in Bermuda next summer, featuring some of the great players who are no longer active. If at all possible, I want to go for this one -- I still have vivid memories of a similar exercise held at the Cricket Club of India in Mumbai some years back, which featured a clutch of legends from the Windies, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan et al. For me, the icing was getting to watch, and talk to, South African legends like Graeme Pollock and Barry Richards. You would at the least have seen the greats from other sides in person, or on TV/video, but just sharing space with the likes of Richards and Pollock and Vincent van der Bijl was an incredible experience.
5. Saif Ali Khan says his father, the Nawab of Pataudi, is not hiding from the cops. Cool -- the next time the cops want to serve a warrant on the Nawab and can't seem to locate him, they know who to talk to.
6. Coach Duncan Fletcher of England joins the growing chorus of players (and coaches) protesting the excesses of the international cricket calendar. Be interesting to see if the issue is debated at all in the upcoming ICC meeting, and if yes, what the outcome is.
7. And for those who like cricket games on video/pc, news that a Brian Lara-branded game package will be released July 21. (Hey -- how many of you guys play pc/video cricket games? Any takes on the best ones in the market? Totally ignorant on this -- my preferred relaxation tool is either chess, or the Age of Empires).


  • Hi Prem,

    I assume you are fully dressed at work, so the heading "Wednesday's News, in Briefs" may not be entirely accurate.

    Sorry, but I have noticed that headline the last few days, and couldn't resist any longer. :)


    By Anonymous Nirmal, at 17:13  

  • Prem,

    There are two Cricket video games coming out this summer.
    1. Brian Lara International Cricket (BLIC) from Codemasters. (http://www.codemasters.com) and
    2. Cricket 2005 by EA Sports (http://easportscricket.com)

    The most popular cricket game right now is Cricket 2004 by EA Sports. There are lot of bugs but then its the only good looking cricket game available.

    BLIC from Codemasters is their first new game after Brian Lara Cricket 99' which was released in 1999.

    I would recommend you to buy BLIC instead of Cricket 2005. BLIC's gameplay looks lot better than Cricket 2005 (although Cricket 2005 has used the EA Sports FIFA graphics engine for graphics and player models).

    By Blogger Rahul Kulkarni, at 17:13  

  • Well for someone, who just wants to have some fun playing Cricket without having to download or buy any stuff, there is Stick Cricket on www.stickcricket.com.

    Here you can play a Knock Out Tournamanet, a 10 over match or a 20 over World Domination match. It also gives you a chance to play Head to Head between the nations curently facing each other.

    Not very jazzy but time pass. I for one like the Detailed scoreboard.

    PS: I am not a spokesperson for Stickcricket.

    By Blogger Aniruddha Dutta, at 17:18  

  • Just for fun you can also play cricket at http:\\www.stickcricket.com. It is nothing great, but it is free, it is web based and good time pass to play for short 15-20 min game.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17:19  

  • Heyyy.
    GLAD to see you post about cricket video games.
    The industry is a bit of a farce, with EA having a monopoly for the last few years. All they have done is dish out one bugged and defective game after the other.
    Cricket 2004 was poor, and had a pathetic AI.
    That is, till patchmakers began their magic and totally transformed the game. I play it on and off these days.
    I honestly think EA's best effort was cricket '97. Everything after that has been disgusting. Slave that I am, I bought nearly every version EA produced since then in the hope that they produced something worth playing.

    This summer then, EA has some competition and will have to pull up their socks bigtime. Cricket 2005 has great graphics but there is no evidence to suggest that there is any improvement in AI or glitches evident in previous versions.
    Brian Lara's Cricket looks beautiful though, and is out July 21st. Looking back to previous versions from Codemasters, this one will take Cricket Video games to a new level. The trailer videos, screenshots, and hints dropped by the Gamemakers are tantalizing.
    I've already placed my pre-order =D!

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 18:37  

  • I decided not to buy any more cricket games a while ago (after the 1999 World Cup edition), but in terms of other games, I would recommend Warcraft 3. Real-time strategy the way it should be done. :-)

    By Anonymous Chirag, at 18:44  

  • True, Cricket 2004 is bugged. EA seems to have gotten their game right with games based on lot of other sports. Their NFL/Golf games rock, not to mention the Need For Speed series with better and better realism with each installment. But Cricket 2004 seems be juvenile in comparison. Too many bugs. And realism wise, it sucks. Cricket 2004 a game loaded in favour of the batsmen! Dunno abt Brian Lara Cricket though, friends have been telling me that the previous version was a lot better than Cricket 2004.

    By Blogger anantha, at 18:57  

  • When you say your preferred relaxation tool is "age of Empires", do you mean to suggest that your preferred working tool is "age of umpires"?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22:24  

  • Cricket 2004 by EA sports, without the patches is just terrible like everybody says. All you need to do is come down the track and hit an on drive exactly at the point where the ball pitches and it goes for 6. It is pretty easy to figure out - but I like the way you can create subtle variations while bowling, by moving a pointer over the ball, to select how the ball will be released.

    With patches found on cricket2002.tk you can get almost everything - team kits,bats used by players etc. The realism is pretty good. EA sports rules the world in sports games but they could probably improve their cricket game a little. Maybe Cricket 2005 will be better (has to be).

    By Blogger FSN 2.2, at 22:25  

  • AOE rocks!!! ... they are coming up with a new version in which you will get to build far modern civilizations.

    im totally waiting for that one!

    on cricket games, i prefer playing the real one.. on the field!

    By Anonymous chirayu, at 23:14  

  • stickcricket ruless!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03:17  

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