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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Well bowled...

Appropos an earlier discussion on Srinath and India's need for a bowling coach, was glancing through my random collection of memorable cricket quotes, and two -- both on the art of bowling -- jumped out at me. The first is from Harold Larwood, whose role in the Bodyline series unfortunately overshadowed the fact that he was reputedly one of the best ever practitioner of the art. He said:
I used to give every batsman four balls. One was a bouncer to check his courage, the second a fizzer to check his eyesight, the third a slow 'un to try out his reflexes and the fourth a bender to see if he was a good cricketer. And if he took runs off each of the four balls, then I knew I was in trouble
And the other is from another former England fast bowling great, Syd Barnes:
I never bowled at the wickets or the batsman, I bowled at the stroke. My aim was to get the batsman to play a stroke, and then I tried to beat it
Oh, and one more, from an Australian this time. Ray Lindwall, on intimidation as part of a fast bowler's armory:
There is no sitting duck like a scared duck


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