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Thursday, June 02, 2005

When in doubt...

...create a committee.
What the hell, governments do it, even some of the badly run private corporations do it, so why not the BCCI?
The first day of the two-day working committee meeting (while on which subject, why in heck would you go to Kovalam beach, in Thiruvananthapuram, to work?) appears to have been on the tame side, with the real fireworks slated for tomorrow.
But the BCCI -- applause, please -- did manage to get something done; to wit, it created a committee, which will explore the whole question of merging women's cricket in India with the main, male body.
Nice. Now the committee can meet in say Darjeeling (hey, all this discussion business is hard work, you don't want the members of the committee to do it in the heat of a Mumbai or Delhi or Kolkatta, would you?) and discuss ways and means of postponing the decision further.
Apparently the BCCI is on a good wicket here, when it decides to delay the decision -- Australia hasn't done it, they point out; neither has New Zealand.
Righhhhhhhttt! Like, in everything, the BCCI just waits for Australia to show how, and then immediately does the same. Since we are taking our cues from Australia, by the way, how about appointing a professional head of the cricket administration, a professional management team, and paid, accountable selectors -- all of which the Aussies did decades ago?
Anyways -- the real fun should begin tomorrow. Today, Jagmohan Dalmiya reportedly made a presentation on why the TNCA should be banned from all financial assistance; tomorrow it is the TNCA's turn to respond, before the BCCI chief announces his decision.
More crucially, Kamal Morarka is expected to set the cat among the pigeons by demanding that Lalit Modi's -- who shocked the Dalmiya faction by toppling the established Rungtas in their own Rajasthan stronghold -- election be declared null and void.
If such a demand is made, fasten your seat belts -- it will likely trigger a long, bloody war, and Modi, from all I hear, is in no mood to give in meekly.


  • why kovalam? why not? :-) that's what my managers at my office too - travel to a resort to discuss "cost reduction" :P

    By Anonymous chatura, at 21:18  

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