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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Windies board presidency

Those of you keeping an eye on events in the Caribbean might want to read this story, on the impending choice of board president.
What strikes you most is the sense of futility that permeates the piece.
But better cocks have crowed.
Men of wisdom and vision, men with the very best intentions in the world, have been stymied and left frustrated by a system that nurtures a members' club syndrome of cliques and collective decisions.

I read this para and I thought bloody hell, this could be about India's cricket administration:
In essence, this is the dark side of democracy, when we conduct all the wheeling and dealing away from public scrutiny and then present a united front, having made the necessary compromises and dangled the requisite inducements to keep everyone in line.

But then, I read the para immediately following -- and I find myself thinking, heck, god really must love Indian cricket; we do well not because of, but despite, our own best efforts to foul our nest:
And where has this farcical unity brought us? Near the bottom of world cricket, financially bankrupt and bereft of the vision, or even the intention, to effect fundamental change that would at least arrest the slide before beginning to talk of the mythical turnaround.

There but for the grace of god...


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