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Monday, June 06, 2005

Women can wait

One of these days, the BCCI should publish its playbook -- I'd think it will be a bigger seller than SunTzu's Art of War.
The cornerstone of its operation revolves around two principles/weapons: (1) Divide and rule and (2) Delay is deadlier than denial. And we got to see both in operation during the working committee meeting in Thiruvananthapuram last week -- the first, in the way the honchos handled an incipient rebellion headed by the TNCA and the second, in the way the issue of the women's cricket body merging with the men's has been handled.
If you recall, the BCCI first said all was set for the two bodies to merge (an announcement that prompted hosannas from the likes of Subhangi Kulkarni, who, poor lady, was unaware of how the BCCI works); it then said the matter would be discussed in the near future; a couple of days later it said the matter would be discussed during the working committee meeting, but a decision would be deferred to a later date.
So, guess what -- the working committee did not discuss the matter; it merely decided to postpone the discussion to the next working committee meeting. Because, says SK Nair, the Kovalam meeting could not 'fit in everything'. The BCCI will "allow itself" to take a decision on this soon, Board secretary Nair is quoted as saying. But then, there's this:
For all Nair’s positive spin, the feeling within the BCCI is that the merger is unlikely to happen in the near future, if ever. ‘‘The BCCI has enough on its plate as it is’’, said one senior official. ‘‘Women’s cricket can wait, currently that’s not the priority.’’

Delay is the deadliest form of denial, remember? The women are World Cup runners-up; they have improved (with no patronage, no big money sponsors, no attention) dramatically over the last couple of years... but for the BCCI, that is "not the priority" just now.
And it will never be -- until, and unless, they figure a way of making money out of the women.


  • The best way to address these issues is to dismantle the BCCI! But will the powers that be make that happen?

    Can you believe that the committee took action TNCA because a few of its members had the guts to take the BCCI bigwigs to court!.

    So much for democracy.

    By Blogger lbw, at 08:49  

  • why blame just the BCCI? why can't Bank of Baroda have a woman cricketer on their ad (at least peep over Dravid's shoulder or something)?

    By Anonymous chatura, at 10:08  

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