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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Work as worship

Neat piece by Tony Cozier, in The Nation, on the culture of work new coach Bennet King has introduced into the West Indies ranks.
While on the subject, the Pakistanis, with Inzy back in the saddle, take on the Windies at Kingston tomorrow; Dileep Premachandran in Cricinfo clearly believes the odds favor Windies over a Pakistan attack devoid of teeth.
It's going to be a game to watch -- not least because of the dressing room squabbles that hit the headlines in the aftermath of defeat in the first Test. Will Pakistan implode on the field -- or will the side, in patented mercurial fashion, explode as a unit? I'd pick the latter as the more likely option, if Shahid Afridi was slotted to open (he isn't) -- what is missing in the side's demeanor thus far is aggression.


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