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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Yes no sorry maybe?

Increasingly, I feel the need for an interpreter to help me understand English. Here's the story: ICC not reopening Ganguly's case.
Fair enough. Then you read the story, and first up, it says 'media reports are incorrect'.
Excuse me? The media didn't manufacture those reports -- the media reported what it was told by the BCCI, namely, that it was asking the ICC to reopen the case.
Anyways, that is a minor quibble. Read on, and you find this:
He said the Indian cricket board had written to the ICC on the Ganguly issue and the apex body had in turn replied to the Indian authorities. "We are now awaiting a reply from them," Mani said.

So what's that all mean? If the ICC is still 'awaiting a reply', the case doesn't seem closed. But case closed, Ehsan Mani says. It's all a bit perplexing, and it brings up my real grouse -- isn't this supposed to be the era of communication, dammit? Telephone... telex... cell phones... email... sms... chat... you name it, there's a dozen different ways to communicate in real time?
So why, when it comes to cricket, do we constantly get this guff about 'we have written'... 'a reply is awaited'... &C?
Any time a decision is needed, this is what we hear. Like, Saurav wants to play in Glamorgan; all he needs to do is inform the BCCI. Yet we get 'letter has been sent'... 'letter not received'... 'reply awaited...'... 'will respond to the reply when the original letter is replied to'... Geez, why is cricket the last remaining outpost of the pigeon post, do you suppose?


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