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Friday, June 03, 2005

You can almost count on...

...Younis Khan to produce a big knock, just when controversy surrounds him. He's doing it again at Sabina Park, batting at the moment on 68 and holding things down after Inzy, who seemed in fluid touch but also in the heck of a hurry, had left on 50 sharp off just 60 deliveries (apparently he missed Bob Woolmer's comment, that the problem in the first Test was Pak batsmen playing too many shots too early, instead of digging in for the long haul).
He is in a measure being aided by Shiv Chanderpaul, though -- the field is more defensive than the situation would seem to warrant.
It's proving to be a typical Younis innings, meanwhile -- of all the Pak batsmen, he (and Youhana, when on song) really put a premium on the singles, and use it as an attacking weapon; this innings has already produced 23 singles (and five 2s) in a score, as I write this, of 72 off 135 balls faced). Increasingly, he seems to be gaining in confidence -- three fours in the last couple of overs included two lovely strikes, both through the covers, sandwiched by an edged four to third man. Now back to watch the action...


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