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Friday, June 10, 2005

Youhana attacked in Lahore

That's what it says, here, in this Indian Express story.
The curious part is that line about the complainant -- Youhana, that is -- being the one who sought the compromise; you would think normally, if I beat you up and then I go uh-oh, I am in trouble, I'd be the one looking to patch things up, no? Makes you wonder what the provocation was.


  • Maybe they didnt like his personal reasons for not going back to West Indies. Thats a problem with us fans in the subcontinent; we love our cricketers to the extent that we have scant regard for their individual existence.

    By Blogger Ansh, at 05:09  

  • I think this has something to do with the underworld - maybe extortion?

    By Anonymous ShankarV, at 05:15  

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