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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Audio, et cetera

Guys, ref the audio posts of yesterday (was reading your comments):
1. I didn't intend that these voice clips substitute the written updates. It's just that invariably, on my bedside table, there is one or the other cricket book that I read in between the rest.
As invariably, I find little nuggets worth sharing -- but it's too tedious to jump out of bed, go to the other room, fire up the comp, and key the stuff in. So, here on, will occasionally use this option.
2. Not using any particular software, Vikram -- I merely signed up for Blogger's own voice-blog option. Quite painless -- I call a number, follow the cues, record when it tells me to, and that is it.
3. Abir, could you elaborate (in email -- prem@us.rediff.com) what exactly you had in mind? An example, say? Will try and see if I can't make it happen.
4. Dhruv, not sure this audio post feature allows me to put in commentary clips. I mean, I presume I can call the same number and record pretty much anything I want to -- but to dial, go through the process (even if it is simple), record and wait for the upload seems to defeat the 'live' option. And since this is a private blog, can't have all kinds of audio equipment and stuff installed to go live, unless you know of some painless way of doing this.
One other problem is with the best will in the world, can't watch all the games in the tri-series. Will watch the opening game versus Sri Lanka (btw, what time, New York time that is, does it start, anyone know?), but will have to skip the India-West Indies game the next day. Catch is, since these games take place through the US night, I can sit up at the expense of sleep only if I am not working, or otherwise swamped, the next morning -- and Sunday morning, I have stuff that needs doing urgent. :-(


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