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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Baloo Gupta RIP

This year is not even half done -- and the list of losses, personal and otherwise, is already overlong.
Add to the list Baloo Gupte, one of Indian cricket's unsung players.
A thought that came to me earlier this year got reinforced by the news of Gupte's passing. We tend to take people, and life, for granted -- and we pay for it. When doing cricket regularly for Rediff, I'd thought it would be apt to take time out to seek out the players of the past, to sit down with them and delve into their thoughts and memories, to do extensive, in-depth interviews so their footprints would be clearly limned.
Tomorrow, I kept thinking... tomorrow I'll start the ball rolling. Tomorrow, though, never comes... you stumble from cricket match to between-games reportage, and you think there is time yet, you can get down to an exercise of this kind later. Until you wake up and find that time has run out.
Never did get to meet Baloo Gupte, though I lived in the same city for 15 years. This interview, on Cricinfo, merely underlines that sense of lost opportunities.


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