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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Bangladesh factor

Anand Vasu, on Cricinfo, invariably raises questions worth thinking about -- such as this column (thanks Amit for the link) on the BCCI decision to postpone, yet again, Bangladesh' maiden Test tour of India.
There's two sides to this debate. The obvious one is, Bangladesh is not yet ready for Tests, period -- there is universal agreement on this. It then comes across as a touch hypocritical to slam the BCCI for not scheduling a Test visit for that country.
But as Vasu points out, there is a larger issue -- it was the BCCI (and more particularly, Jagmohan Dalmiya, then ICC president) who rode roughshod over conscientious objectors at the time, and railroaded the ICC into granting Bangla Test status.
For why? Partly politics -- Dalmiya and others reckoned that one more country from the sub-continent joining the Test club gave the India-led lobby one more vote for when push comes to shove. And partly personal -- why JD was so insistent on pushing through Test status, and what quid he hoped for that quo, is something he is himself best fitted to answer.
But the deed is done -- and the BCCI, having brought this particular baby into the world, has the moral responsibility to nurture it. That it resorts to such laughable excuses as Diwali/Dussera celebrations to postpone the tour is typical -- the BCCI reminds you of nothing so much as the squid you came across in biology class, which sprays a cloud of black ink when threatened.


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