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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Behind the Times -- July 28

As always, Times (London) content a day later, because I *still* can't get the darn site to open while at work (wonder what weird form of censorship this is):
1. Mathew Hoggard in his column, 'clarifies' an earlier statement that boomeranged on his team:
The Lord's experience was more disappointing from my point of view because of some comments I made before the game that I felt were subsequently blown out of all proportion. I was accused of describing Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne of being over the hill and, of course, it was their performances at Lord's that proved to be the major differences between the sides.
What I actually said was that it would be interesting to see whether they would remain as influential over the course of a tough, condensed five-match series, which includes back-to-back Tests. I was posing a question rather than making a statement.
And it still seems a reasonable question to ask. The next two Tests, if they go the distance, will involve ten days' cricket in 12. If you find yourself bowling in the fourth innings of one game, then in the first innings of the next, I know from experience that it can be bloody hard work (and I'm only 28).

2. An absolute must-read (thanks, Aditya) on the need to celebrate sporting excellence, wherever you may find it. Tempted, very tempted, to quote chunks -- but this piece deserves a reading in its entirety.


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