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Friday, July 15, 2005

Byline: Joe Citizen

They call it citizen journalism -- this emerging trend, where the reader increasingly moves from being a consumer of news, to play the roles of creator/editor as well.
And I, for one, am inclined to raise a cheer. The trouble with the so-called free media, down the years, is that it is in fact captive media: captive to those who have the money to become publishers; captive, too, to the imagination -- or lack thereof -- of the select few who become -- through fate, chance, circumstance -- journalists.
The ideal scenario, for me, is news produced by all of us, collated by all, consumed by all. Is why getting stories from people who otherwise would be just consumers is such a big kick.
Make that two 'kicks' -- on Rediff, today, two stories authored by regular readers of this blog, and spawned by online and offline conversations with them.
The first, from Saurabh Wahi, is a look back at the two Natwest games at Lord's, both of which he attended; the second, from Madhav Tambisetty, is a trip to the India Room at the Oval.
Just a start -- here's hoping for more voices, more stories. Hopefully, some day soon-ish, we can create a site of, for, by us.


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