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Monday, July 11, 2005

Calling a spade...

Good morning all. Is Monday morning -- time here for the beginning of the week edit meets, and such. But in the midst of it all, this interview with Darren Ganga caught my eye.
Ganga suggests Brian Lara is more plus than minus for the team cause, a view expressed earlier by Ridley Jacobs; says, too, the Windies team about to battle SL -- including its vice captain -- is way below par.
"He allowed me the opportunity to get into the Trinidad team. Soon after I started performing, I got the opportunity to play for West Indies while he was captain. On my first tour of South Africa, he saw talent there, he saw potential and he just wanted me to maximise that. I would say as my career progressed and I started doing well, he sort of took a back seat in terms of what he said to me.

And this:
He was also disturbed by the quality of the second-string side that was picked for the Sri Lankan tour, owing to the contracts dispute. "We have some guys on the Test team who have not been in the frame for the A team, and not even put in consistent performances in the regional competition. They're going to compete against arguably one of the stronger teams in world cricket. It's unfortunate that a guy like Sylvester Joseph is vice-captain of the team. No disrespect to him, but to me, that's unfortunate."

Reading this makes you think of the Indian team. 'Well brought up' boys all, not given to talking out of turn. Makes you wonder -- what if they did? What would they have to say, if they were talking straight, and about whom? And is it good, or bad, that straight, open talking is entirely unknown in our cricketing circles?
Will head off to the edit meet... see you guys in a while.


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