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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Chappell's in-tray

Faisal Shariff, in Bangalore for the Indian Express, looks at the coach's agenda for the final camp just beginning. The bulletted list at the end of the article is worth quoting in full:
• Redefining Sachin Tendulkar’s role in the team and finding one for VVS Laxman in ODIs
• Mohammad Kaif’s batting position in ODIs and role in Tests
• Specialised fielding positions
• Finding anchors: Dravid in Tests and Ganguly/Kaif in one-dayers
• Getting optimum from Dhoni, batsman-keeper
• Moulding Irfan as the next all-rounder (provided he rediscovers his inswingers)
• Fixing the fringe: JP Yadav, S Sriram, Hemang Badani, Dinesh Mongia, Joginder Sharma
• Identifying players for the future: Suresh Raina, Niraj Patel, Venugopal Rao

Stands to reason this will not be Chappell's entire agenda, merely that portion that he is prepared to voice publicly -- that reticence probably accounts for a few omissions here. If, though, this were a more complete wish-list, what items would you add? A sampling:
#Develop and educate bowling partnerships (for both Tests and one-dayers), given that a key to the success of good teams is possessing bowlers who are not merely good in themselves, but operate well in harness with their bowling partners to work on the opposing batsmen
#(Given that WC2007 is being spoken of as the goal) Define to his satisfaction, and the team's, Yuvraj Singh's role in the team, with the bat and with the ball; simultaneously evaluate his possible role in the Test team (tasks as important, IMHO, as defining Kaif's role)
#Identify, develop, nurture a spinners' bench -- players capable of either attacking or containing bowling and, ideally, also capable of providing 20-ish runs lower down the order (WC2007 is being played in the Caribbean -- given the relatively limited number of grounds and the length of the tournament itself, the latter phases of the tournament are likely to be played out on tired wickets where the slower bowlers will have a big role to play)
Right. What else would you guys add?


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