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Friday, July 01, 2005

Collapso cricket?

The big news of the day -- aside, of course, from the fact that it is India Abroad production day, which means work, which means no blogging till late evening -- is the implosion of West Indies cricket.
The contract row is unresolved, the board and players are on a collision course, the board picks a second string team for the upcoming tri-series much to Sri Lanka's disappointment...
The clearest sign, though, of how things have deteriorated is this story, quoting Darren Ganga on the board's strong-arm tactics.
Be sad if Windies went the Zimbabwe way (forget Mugabe, think of the players who left over monetary reasons), as it increasingly seems likely to.
This post meanwhile is by way of saying hello and throwing up an open forum; will get the newspaper put to bed, then return in my evening for updates.


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