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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cop out

1. Here we go again -- a day after South Africa's tour program to India is announced, comes news that the usual suspects -- Herschelle Gibbs and Nicky Boje -- are in doubt, because of fears that they might be detained by the Delhi police for questioning in connection with the match-fixing case.
The UCBSA apparently wants written guarantees from the police that the two will not be questioned -- a stunning request to make, that too publicly. What police force in which country is going to give a written guarantee that, shorn of verbiage, reads thus: Yes, we know a crime has been committed in our jurisdiction; yes we know that the two gentlemen have some knowledge of it; yes we would like to ask them about it, in order to help our own investigations; but no, we will not ask them a single question when they visit our turf?
Firstly, wouldn't it be the right thing to do, for Boje and Gibbs to voluntarily disclose any information they may have? After all, no one is going to arrest/detain them -- so why not simply share the information, and move on?
Secondly, assuming the two gents are shy of talking to the Indian cops, surely such requests were better made in private, through the diplomatic channels, without telegraphing to the media? A police official can -- not debating here whether it is right or wrong -- conceivably wink at something, in private, that he cannot afford to ignore once the public spotlight is on it.
So stand by, for the Delhi cops to say nothing doing... and for Gibbs and Boje to fall sick and miss the India-bound bus.


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