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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Double indemnity

S Rajesh's numbers-driven column on Cricinfo is a personal favorite of mine; invariably there is food for thought; as inevitably, it knocks preconceptions on their heads.
The latest is pegged on the upcoming Natwest Challenge between England and Australia, but a few India-centric points catch the eye.
India has a narrow edge over its opposition in ODIs -- its RR is 5.05, against 5.02 by the opposition. But check out the figures for finals -- the team implodes, scoring at 4.48, and giving it away at 5.50.
Not sure how much you want to extrapolate from a given set of figures (for instance, check out the second table, which shows ODI results when batting first, and second, in each country -- is it on to say that India, South Africa and Zimbabwe produce the fairest wickets, with no bias towards the team winning the toss?), but interesting all the same.


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