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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Few for the Urn

Lots of Ashes-related stuff in the British press that, you get the feeling, should more appropriately have been framed with sorrowful black borders -- I mean, even Duncan Fletcher's defence of his lads is half-hearted.
Angus Fraser's "lessons for losers" boils down to bat better, bowl better and for heaven's sake, catch better -- only, he uses more words than Mohammad Azharuddin used to, to get the message across.
Mark Nicholas has one simple message for the team: chill. Neat -- trouble is, the media spent months talking up the team, telling them and all who would listen that Vaughan and his men are good enough to tame the Aussies one-handed. Got to where -- if you judge by the sort of comments Strauss, Trescothick, Vaughan, Flintoff and others made ahead of the Ashes -- the players themselves got to believing their own hype, and reckoned they only needed to turn up at Lord's for the opposition to roll over and play dead.
Now they can't quite figure how they got their noses bloodied -- and the best advice we can give them is chill?
Justin Langer gets in his licks -- very diplomatically, at that -- in conversation with Chloe Sattlau in the SMH site.


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