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Monday, July 04, 2005

Ganguly back?

Interesting comment appended to the July 2 Open Thread.
Says here, the reader comments are more interesting than mine. Fair enough, isn't that what a blog is finally all about? My part in this is throwing up stories that catch my eye... it is the ensuing discussions that make -- or mar -- a blog, so no quarrels here.
Speaking of discussions -- when picking Saurav as my ODI captain for the immediate future, I'd mentally banked on the BCCI using its muscle to push through a review of the ban. Now that it has gone to arbitration, the most logical outcome is the arbiter will decide the two matches he has sat out is punishment enough -- or that the ban is reduced from six games to three, which means SG can be back after sitting out the first game in the upcoming triseries in Lanka.
The BCCI appears pretty confident of an outcome on those lines, if you consider Greg Chappell's request that Ganguly return ahead of schedule, and attend the final conditioning camp. Ganguly has some travelling to do -- home for the camp, back to Glamorgan for more county games, back again presumably ahead of India's tour to Sri Lanka...
So on balance, what do you guys think? Did the county stint help... or harm... or leave things in limbo, where SG's personal form is concerned?


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