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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Humpy left in the lurch

Very unfortunate, this: Apparently, Koneru Humpy has lost her sponsorship, because Bank of Baroda has switched to Rahul Dravid.
A little over a year ago, I remember Sasikaran's father, during a trip States-side, talking to a colleague on the India Abroad staff and mentioning, among other things, how difficult it was to find the sort of sponsorship that could keep his son actively participating in the global chess circuit.
Doubly unfortunate is the timing -- Humpy has won the world title in every age group she has taken part in; to have the plug pulled just when she is aiming for the big one is adding gratuitous insult to injury.
Actually, this is one area the BCCI could look at -- and earn a lot of kudos from. It earns phenomenal wealth out of the game -- surely it could set up a trust, a corpus of some sort, and use the earnings derived therefrom to help deserving players in other sports?


  • Hi Prem
    Thanks for making an entry on our country's topmost chess player. I have made some entries on my blog as well. Glance through it, if you find the time.



    By Blogger Kannappan, at 23:47  

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