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Friday, July 29, 2005

I protest!

Just when I thought the last word had been said on the Saurav Ganguly ban and we could reclaim what sanity remained, comes news (thanks, M) that the West Indies is planning to protest the verdict.
Duh! For why? Or as the legal johnnies say, what is the West Indies' locus standi here?
They didn't play in the game that earned SG six -- now four -- raps on the knuckles. They are, of course, playing in the tournament that will see Ganguly come back from the ban -- could that be the problem? The Windies are in such a lather about the prospect of SG batting against them, they would rather go to the ICC and demand the ban be extended?
Can't see where they are coming from on this. Or if they are coming from anywhere on this, for that matter -- our best clue will come from the text of the protest the Windies management files, if in fact such a protest is filed.


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