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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Indian cricket round up

With phase two of the coaching camp underway, tons of stories in Indian papers about what is happening, and what is not. A selection of nuggets:
1. Srinath is very pleased that for once, an Indian coaching camp begins with the emphasis squarely on the bowlers. Nice -- it is bowling that has consistently proved the weaker link especially in the ODIs; time therefore to put emphasis where it belongs. What pleased me even more, though, is this bit:
Physio John Gloster and fitness trainer Greg King — along with Andrew Leipus — are still busy checking out every minute detail.
For the record, Leipus has decided to postpone his camp with physios that was scheduled to be held at the NCA. His current priority is to assist Gloster and King with his experience of Indian cricketers.

Bringing Leipus back, if only for a short term, so he can pass on his knowledge to Indian physios is a smart move on the NCA's part; roping him into the camp, an even smarter move by the management. Andrew was combination physio-fitness trainer when John Wright took over, he's been very closely involved with the development of almost all the current players -- whoever thought of utilising him in this back up role deserves applause.
On the same theme, one of the good things about Chappell, thus far, is his seeming willingness to rope in anyone and everyone who can help build the team -- as this story, on his seeking a larger role for the MRF Pace Foundation, indicates.
2. The Telegraph -- always a very good source for material on the BCCI thanks to its 'in' with Dalmiya -- meanwhile has a story on the Ganguly ban; one line caught my attention:
If even the arbiter — frankly, not many within the BCCI are convinced the regular Team India captain has a strong enough case — goes along with Broad and Beloff, then he will miss the vital league stage of the upcoming tri-series in Sri Lanka.

3. Here's an amusing one: The DDCA gets dragged to court for not holding AGMs. The reason for the omission is a classic -- the honchos were apparently busy reconstructing the Kotla. I can just see that, can't you -- the DDCA executive body, led by its president Arun Jaitley no less, rolling up their sleeves and carting bricks and mortar to craft the stadium. Incidentally, the DDCA -- and its president -- have been under fire on other counts as well; no less than association vice president Chetan Chauhan had recently alleged financial impropriety.
4. Dr Ali Bacher provides a moment of humor -- unintended, I suspect. There's this story about the former UCBSA head coming down to India to market electronic scoreboards. And it says here:
“India is a big market. Using Stellavista products would enhance the quality of the game. I have confidence in its products. The concept will be to everyone’s liking. People will benefit, as the electronic displays will be as good as watching the game on TV at home,” said Bacher.

Um, someone help him with his sales pitch, please. I go to the time, trouble and expense of getting to a cricket stadium so that I can watch on a big screen as if I was at home? Duh!
5. In the Hindustan Times, the question is raised: What happened to the Rs 50+ million Reliance-BCCI tie-up?
A top BCCI official confirmed nothing has accrued so far on the deal according to which Reliance was supposed to provide the BCCI with hi-tech communication facility for all-round efficiency in the management of the game and the company was to be given the status of the 'official IT partner' of BCCI.

I wonder what this was all about? 'hi-tech communication facility for all-round efficiency in the management of the game'? Like what, telephones, faxes, internet connections... what, exactly, that is worth Rs 50 million? Donno about you, but when I see such inexplicable jargon in any government (or BCCI) proposal, I start smelling fish.
6. The NCA, apparently, will not get to field a team in the Deodhar Trophy. Mixed feelings on this one -- fair enough to say you don't want to dilute the premier tournament with a team of newbies; but if you look at the NCA as the breeding ground of tomorrow's stars, wouldn't it be terrific for them to have a go at this rarefied level of competition?


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