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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Karachi conundrum

'Morning, all. The good bit about blogging (okay, one of the good bits about...) -- as opposed to writing your own stuff is this -- when you write, you are in this cocoon, aware only of the subject at hand and of your own thoughts. Blogging turns your attention outward -- you are more aware of what others write and the topics they do their best work on; you get to where you begin to look forward to a particular person's writing when a certain subject catches the headlines...
That bit of aside is to introduce the piece I saw, first crack out of the box, this morning. Imran Khan believes the Karachi issue is cut and dry -- it's a law and order problem, period. But then, he would say that wouldn't he, given his political compulsions? I was waiting, frankly, to hear from Osman Samiuddin on this; today, he joins the debate with a very balanced, rounded piece that is worth your while.
While you read that, will go catch up with early morning work and be back in a while.


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