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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

More on Hizonner Sachs

Independent Online, out of South Africa, has detail -- and a basic bio -- on Judge Albie Sachs, the man who will write the final word on the Saurav Ganguly ban issue.
Over the coming days the South African Constitutional Court judge will consider the format and timeframe of the hearing. Sachs will deal with a number of technical issues raised by the BCCI in relation to the process by which the charge and the appeal were heard.

And again
The terms of reference for the Disputes Resolution Committee state: "Unless the Disputes Committee determines otherwise, the procedure shall comprise written submissions from the parties and, if the Disputes Committee deems it appropriate, an oral hearing."

Is it just me? Do you guys get the feeling that way too much time and energy has been devoted to this issue? I don't know what the BCCI was trying to prove, via its tenacious pursuit of a trivial problem -- I suspect, though, that when the verdict is finally in, it will have proved nothing but its infinite appetite for idiocy.


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