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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Musical chairs

Before the Aussies landed in England, conventional thinking was Brett Lee would do his bit in the ODIs and continue to sit out the Tests; Lee, though, made no bones about his determination to claim a Test place for himself, and devil take the hindmost.
He's done that, and more, with incisive bowling right through the ODI series. McGrath's place was never in doubt, so now the battle is now on for the third spot -- with Kasprowicz and Gillespie duelling for that place.
I donno -- 'Dizzy' took three today, without really approaching peak form. Kasprowicz bowled as he usually does -- diligently, without really threatening to run through sides. There's nothing in today's outing to make the job of the Aussie selectors any easier -- my gut feel, though, is they will go with Gillespie -- picking potential to do damage over current form.


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