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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Not cricket?

Interesting little dust-up, this, over Terry Jenner coaching Shane Warne ahead of the first Ashes Test.
Former Australian Test bowler Terry Jenner has been employed as a consultant by the England and Wales Cricket Board since 2002 to head a program designed to develop young wrist spinners and unearth one of international calibre by 2007.
But even though Jenner remains a free agent to ply his trade as a specialist coach with any eager pupil, including Warne (with whom Jenner has worked for a decade), the ECB received concerned calls when the pair publicly joined forces again last week.

Elsewhere in The Australian, this news: The NSW Blues, defending Pura Cup champs, will tour India next month. Brilliant opportunity, this, for the national selectors to test some of India's up and comers against tough opposition.


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