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Monday, July 11, 2005

The paper round -- India

1. The Ganguly saga continues -- the latest winkle being Judge Sachs will hear his case on the same day the national selectors meet to pick the side for Sri Lanka. That is a problem worth a mention? Postpone the selection meeting by a day! Duh!
Reading between the lines here...
BCCI Jt Secretary Gautam Dasgupta said that the ‘‘BCCI is yet to receive the communication but Ganguly will only be included after Sachs’ final decision.’’

...Team India seems set to have a different captain for the Lanka series, though.
2. Elsewhere in the Indian Express, a small -- very small -- story on Gregory King's thoughts on yoga as a key component of his fitness regime.
3. From the same paper, Andrew Leipus the former Indian physio, quoted as saying Tendulkar's arm is healing quite nicely.
"His body has been on a low for some years. That will take some time. I think he will be better than what he has been for the last few years and mentally, he will be more stronger now," Leipus said.

On a low for some years?! What then of the periodic pronouncements, over the same span of time, that the player is fully fit?
4. Irfan Pathan discusses his county stint, in an interview with Ashish Shukla for Outlook:
"It is a demanding circuit - every team has three or four present or former Test players and it is common for you to finish your game, head for the next venue in the evening and play a match next day.

And that seems to be about it, in the main Indian papers for the day. Surprisingly small harvest -- what am I missing? Any of you guys spotted links I've missed, that merits a mention?


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