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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Paper Round -- India

1. In the Indian Express, an informative piece on the motley crew of specialists helping the team's preparation at the Bangalore camp
2. From the same paper, this story on Irfan Pathan -- older by a year, and wiser by several after a disappointing international season
3. A Telegraph piece on Sourav Ganguly that, among other things, provides a moment of presumably unintended humor.
Sourav’s travel plans are such he won’t miss a single match for Glamorgan, yet be around when coach Greg Chappell shares his “vision” with both the established lot and aspirants.

Now why would the writer, Lokendra Pratap Sahi, single out the word vision in quotes, hmm?
4. Oh, and if you thought the disquiet within the BCCI was over, here's news: The Rajasthan Cricket Association has asked its president Lalit Modi to show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against him. The notice, and Modi's response, form yet another skirmish before the big battle for the board, looming in September
5. A puzzle: What's a good time to do these round ups? I'd think morning New York -- late evening India -- would have been as good as any, but the update timings of some papers is a mystery. Take for example the Hindu -- at 8.30 pm India time, its cricket lead is a curtain raiser for the Sri Lanka-West Indies series (this, when the first day's play is already over) and its second lead is even more bizarre -- Pietersen, we are told, comes to England's rescue with a blistering knock. Nothing for it but to go back, much much later, to see if the paper has anything fresh. Same story, incidentally, with the Hindustan Times
6. Back to the camp, and Outlook tells us the guys in the probables camp are, among other things, being initiated into the methods of creative thinking guru Edward de Bono.
Couldn't help an involuntary chuckle -- this sort of upper end theorising is quite apt to scramble the minds of some at least of the inmates. It's like Mark Twain -- who said he had read so much about the evils of smoking, that he gave up reading. On the same lines...


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