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Monday, July 25, 2005

The paper round -- India

1. Ganguly is not, it says here, worried about his immediate future. Too true -- he hasn't been; in fact, he's taken his ban and the off period with a great deal of equanimity. All the worrying is being done by the BCCI -- more accurately, certain members of the BCCI; there are more legal briefs being generated on this 'case', than on the most contentious issues of today. Honestly, wish Sachs would just rule, either way, and get this sorry saga over and done with -- the BCCI's monomania on the subject is now getting to be downright embarassing.
2. The war of words between CAB president Jaggu Dalmiya and pretender to the throne Dinesh Vajpai seems to be gaining some steam. The amusing part of this story is Vajpai's comment, when asked why, though he was contesting for president, his faction wasn't fielding contestants for each seat:
Our focus is on certain issues. We also feel that everybody in the CAB is not bad, but a few areā€¦ and our protest and fight is against them.

Which is as direct a way of saying that in his view, Dalmiya is a rotten apple, as any you can imagine. Keep your eye, though, on that allegation about fixed local matches -- as the election draws nearer, information on who, why, which, wherefore should start leaking out.
3. Check this out -- the board, we are told, is concerned about the media pressure on players and coach.
The Board is concerned with the media hype surrounding the players and is planning to take steps to protect them from relentless pressure, especially coach Greg Chappell who is under incessant demand to oblige the media.

I wonder if Mr Nair is aware that the BCCI has -- in fact, has had for some years now -- a media manager? His name is Amrit Mathur; his job definition is to regulate media access; he is intended to be a pointperson, a bridge between the team and the media. You submit interview requests to him, he checks with the players and management and finds appropriate time slots, or declines, as circumstances dictate.
At least, that is how it is supposed to function. As with much else to do with the BCCI, there is here a chasm between what is, and what should be. Amrit (and I need to mention here that he is a friend of long standing) writes columns (in the Sportstar); he provides accreditation and tickets to journos... but does he do the job of a media manager, per his brief?
Obviously not -- if Nair is talking of problems, three years after the BCCI appointed Amrit to cope with precisely this situation. So now what, you appoint another manager to manage this manager?
Instalment one of the Indian paper round ends here while I go grab some lunch. More later...


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