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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The paper rounds -- India

Here on, I'm going to avoid linking to stories about what some past player or other thinks of Sachin Tendulkar (or Saurav Ganguly for that matter). We've gotten the message, guys, find your headline fodder someplace else.
Take out what Kapil thinks of Sachin, and what's left of any substance are two stories in the Indian Express.
One, by Shrinivas Rao, on Dr Michael Krebs the kinesiologist and what he brings to the side.
An interesting aside is the mention that Krebs is in Bangalore as Chappell's 'personal guest'. An indicator that the coach is prepared to cut through red tape, and get what he wants without worrying too much about how?
The second story is by Faisal Shariff, on a study by Parthasarathi Sharma on the bats youngsters use, and related problems.
Come to think of it, it's not only youngsters -- during my time here, had checked out a few club games, and the kind of equipment in use in some of them is a recipe for injuries waiting to happen.


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