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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Paper Rounds -- India

1. Saurav Ganguly heard from, on the value of his county stint and related matters.
2. A day after former physio Andrew Leipus' take on the subject, incumbent John Gloster says he is happy with the way SRT's elbow is progressing, post surgery.
Tendulkar, he said, was currently undergoing strength programme -- a crucial component of the rehabilitation process, and added that he had taken feedback from former physio Andrew Leipus who met the player in Mumbai last week.
"When Sachin comes here, we will review him again, and take him to the next phase of rehabilitation," said Gloster, who said that the rehabilitation programme was done in "small instalments" and it was a gradual process.

3. In the Telegraph, a round up of the fitness camp for probables that ended today. Plus an update on the planned program now through July 19.
The cricketers would be closetted with Chappell on Wednesday and on the morning of Thursday when he is slated to give a lecture on cricket skills and interact with them.
“Chappell will also tell them about their shortcomings during the recent series against Pakistan and Australia,” the sources said.
The cricketers will also have nets on Thursday.
The probables are also playing two practice matches on July 16 and July 19 besides a benefit match — a day-night affair — for David Johnson. The two teams for these matches would be drawn from among the probables.

4. In the Deccan Chronicle, Rajan Bala muses on Australia, a champion team that has no stars.
There is certainly an affiliation to the mother country, otherwise what could explain the Australian team not even making a statement after the bombs went off in London.
That is occidental solidarity for you. Had it happened in the subcontinent when the Australian or English team is there, you can bet your last rupee that there would have been statements and a quick decision to head for home. Anyway, it is only possible in such a “classless” and economically equitable society that heroes of any type are not given star status. Even Shane Warne and for that matter the swimmer Ian Thorpe.

Um? Almost tempted to gift Bala a roadmap, here -- something tells me he misplaced his thoughts before he sat down to type.
5. In Deccan Herald, trainer Gregory King says he's been pushing the probables hard, all through the camp; says, too, in a related story that Ashish Nehra, among the frontline bowlers, is not fully fit yet.
And that is pretty much that, from the Indian press, for today -- or am I missing something?
Which reminds me -- a request: Could you guys, when sending over any links for attention/comment, email them to me? Sometimes, tend to lose sight of them among the various comments fields here, is why.


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