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Friday, July 22, 2005

Pro sport is no sport

Found this lovely piece for you guys, on what it means to be a pro sportsman.
The media devote disproportionate time to the very best sportsmen. Most professionals aren’t that. Their careers tend to start in hope and end in disappointment as they discover that among the best, they are merely average. “We fool ourselves,” writes Pedro Horillo, a Spanish cyclist. “Yesterday I was third behind Petacchi and Zabel, yet I hadn’t the slightest chance of winning. But I again hear that deceptive instinct telling me: maybe you’ll win next time.” Most professional sportsmen never win a professional prize.
Failure distresses most of us who play sport, but it is worst for professionals, whose identity often consists of being good at sport. As Richard Krajicek, the former Dutch tennis player, describes defeat: “It‘s not that I played badly, no, I am bad.”

On second thoughts, never mind throwing up more quotes -- read the piece, it's worth your while. Then tell me what thoughts occured.


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