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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ref Rediff

Ruchir Joshi asks if I have stopped writing for Rediff entirely.
Um, no. In the sense of, it is not like one day I formally put my pen down, and said right, that's it, last word written. It's just that I haven't written for Rediff after the Indo-Pak series, which I covered live.
I'm beginning to like blogs, more than the full-length columns I used to do earlier. Thing is, blogs give you tremendous flexibility -- there are times when an issue needs comment, but the comment itself needs to span only 100-200 words, tops. Trouble with column writing though is the form itself dictates a certain length -- and that means you end up stretching a good 200 word comment into an involved 1000 word column.
This form here gives me the best of both worlds -- I can throw up a link, when the story is worth reading but doesn't necessarily call for comment; I can link and comment in a couple of lines if that is all it takes; or I can if I want to examine an issue in greater depth. Perfect. :-)


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