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Friday, July 29, 2005


Check out the latest edition of Lawrence Booth's Spin, in the Guardian.
For me, two laugh out loud moments in there. The first relates to earlier this year -- when India was making a meal of the series against Pakistan, I remember writing something about where the chinks were, and the urgent need for an overhaul. A friend then emailed me a reference to that story on The Spin, where Lawrence suggested that the media, in this instance me, was mercurial, and tending to do the doomdsday dance because the team had one bad day in office, or some such. (I emailed Lawrence and we kind of batted the topic back and forth for a bit -- no rancour, no ill feeling, please note..)
So you -- and LB -- will pardon me if I laugh at the woe is England tone underlying the first segment of this edition of the Spin.
But the real laugh out loud moment is towards the latter half of the piece -- the part about Boycott. Won't spoil it with excerpts -- enjoy!


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