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Friday, July 15, 2005

Saurav Special

I don't think the best of his knocks -- and he *has* a few of those to his name -- has generated as much press as his current state of limbo; it's getting so you can't open a paper or website these days, without a Saurav Ganguly story being in your face.
On Rediff, a clutch of former players predict his return to peak form; elsewhere, for the nth day running, we are told that Ganguly will not make the Lanka squad (selection on 18th, ban-related hearing only on 22nd -- where and when have we heard this before, and why are we forced to hear it all over again, every single day?)
LP Sahi of the Telegraph energetically digs through the rule books to throw up another winkle: It does not say, anywhere, that a player going through arbitration proceedings cannot play; so will the BCCI use that loophole, Sahi asks.
The BCCI is going to be in a terribly awkward position if Sourav isn’t selected, yet the award is in his favour before the tri-series’ commencement.
To avoid that, the selectors could be “directed” to both pick Sourav and name a replacement in case Justice Sachs calls for status quo being maintained.
Such a scenario may not be fair on Rahul Dravid (and new coach Greg Chappell), but it’s better being safe than sorry. Whatever, somebody in the BCCI has to take the lead in ensuring there’s not much damage — either way.

Now hang on a second -- did you read that right? The selectors could be "directed"? Is that synonymous with "interference"? Again -- directed by who? (No, don't answer that -- the name of the newspaper, and of the reporter, is enough to give you the answer).
In a post, in the infant days of this blog, I'd remarked on the Praetorian guard that surrounds Ganguly; that supposedly looks out for his best interests and "guards his back". This lot, comprising functionaries, assorted journalists and the inevitable hangers-on that celebrity inevitably attracts, is in my book singularly responsible for all the bad press the Indian captain gets.


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