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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sense and sensibility

Finally Anand Vasu, on Cricinfo, says what has long needed to be said -- the BCCI's months-long harping on the Saurav Ganguly ban, is doing no one any favors -- least of all Ganguly himself.
One thing, though, is fairly clear. Even if the ICC uses the Ganguly episode as a chance to have another look at their rules, code of conduct, and processes, to eliminate any loopholes, and the future occurrence of the same scenario, there can be no retrospective action. Ganguly's six-match ban will have to stay. Otherwise Inzamam-ul-Haq and Graeme Smith, two captains who were banned under the same law and quietly served out their sentences, could reasonably argue that their bans need to be overturned.

If -- if -- the ban stays, what results? The BCCI's clout -- now taken for granted -- in international cricket is shown up as not so strong after all; Ganguly is left looking like a sulky schoolkid who couldn't take his rap and get on with life.
Was in Sun Tzu who once said the trick to success was to join battle only after the war had already been won?


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