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Monday, July 25, 2005

Shot across the bows

If you ignore the needless hyperbole in this piece ("ominous warning" indeed!), this little piece comes across as a portrait of a captain reasonably at ease with himself and his job -- interesting, since Rahul Dravid is merely short term captain for this one series alone.
Or is he? I've never known the BCCI to say anything that could even remotely be construed as negative comment about incumbent Saurav Ganguly -- which is why I was somewhat surprised a few days back, when I saw this story in the Indian Express.
Although this is the case for just one series, the team management is open to the idea of having Dravid as leader on the field if he impresses them. BCCI secretary Nair told The Indian Express: ‘‘This selection is just for this series, but it will depend on the performance and team management’s decision if Dravid continues as captain.

And again:
‘‘Good results have to be awarded,’’ the selector pointed out. ‘‘So what if Ganguly has to play under Dravid? When (Sachin) Tendulkar can play under Ganguly (after he resigned as captain), then why have another set of rules for Ganguly?’’

It all points to a nice little battle brewing within the board itself -- with one faction doing its darndest to bring Saurav back, and the other looking for ways to get him out and keep him out.
Deja vu, all this; takes you back in time to the days when Sachin was captain, and the senior echelons of the board bent backwards to bring Azhar back. Which brings up a tangential point -- the BCCI is very quick to accuse the media, to suggest that it is our writing that creates divisions and puts pressure on the players.
So what does the board think all this is doing? As Harsha asked, in this piece I had linked to a few days ago as well, just who benefits from all this?


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