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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tough love

Ever since Greg Chappell landed in India to take over his assignment, there's been a pragmatic, even tough, undercurrent to all that he has said -- in keeping with his rep as a tough, no nonsense sort of guy.
The 'undercurrent' comes to the surface, here, in this interview with Dileep Premachandran of Cricinfo. Of the many interesting quotes, this perhaps is the one that -- if he can walk it -- will be worth keeping in mind as we follow the personnel changes in the side over the next couple of years:
"If someone continually needs to be picked up and have his hand held, then we're not going to be successful," he said. "You have to be ruthless as selectors, ruthless as coaches; we've got to demand high standards in all areas. We've got to provide an environment that gives everyone the best chance of success, but if they keep falling down, we haven't got time to stop and pick them up. We've got to find those who can stand on their own feet, think for themselves, and make decisions in real time."


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